Scope of Support

Our support covers getting setup, trouble using any features, and any bug fixes that may arise. Unfortunately we cannot provide support for customizations or 3rd party plugins. If you need help with customizations of your theme then you can hire our developer.

Support Schedule

We try our best to monitor the forums around the clock, however, this is not always possible due to different timezones. We check forum threads twice a day, Monday – Friday and we try to do it once over the weekend but its not guaranteed. You may not get an answer on Saturday or Sunday so please keep that in mind during the weekends.  

Before you post a new topic, please follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure you have read the online documentation, our short code documentation. Most questions can be answered in those areas.
  2. When you submit a request, always include as much detail as you can, including your site URL, screenshots or attachments. Try to be as specific as possible, it will help us serve you faster.
  3. We strive to get you answers as quickly as possible.
  Thank you very much and we look forward to serving you!